Heads or Tales?

What is there to do on a Monday night? Come and listen to some stories by me of course! Eurovision, rubber bullets, John Lewis and a word-obsessed lonely heart, plus a bit of circus magic in Mexico.  Need more inducement?  The £3.00 entrance fee will be going to RoomtoRead -a charity that build and fills libraries throughout the world, and commissions books in local languages. Bring lots of Kindle-owning pals, publishers and literary agents with wads of cash waiting to be spent on fat advances. (What an imagination - I should be a writer!)


Fishy Business

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I went in search of Bird-skin Shoes and Fish-skin gloves, items listed in then poem Donal Og which partly inspired The Birdskin Shoes.  I was amazed to find that a company in Canada were producing fish leather - so of course I had to order some.  It arrived yesterday. Thick, craggy suede, with a scaly pattern on it - a fish whose been around a bit I'd say - no smell though.  Its a beige colour - not my first choice, but still subtle. Gloves are out unless I want to look like Monty Don clearing out the compost heap - but a bag perhaps? I'll let you know - with pics.