Kandy Kottage - The Musical

I never expected to write a musical - but I have anyway.  Through Liar's League I met Gary Albert-Hughes- a musician, composer, actor graduate of The Royal Academy of Music who hunted me down and asked to use my story - The Kandy Kottage.  Two years later, last week in fact, we showcased it and it felt like such an achievement! The best bit was rehearsing in The Dance Attic in Fulham Broadway - you climb the stairs, and Don't Rain on My Parade is belted out from one studio, tap dancers hammer away in the next and right at the top in a room with a view, a wooden floor and a piano - Gary and I sat working out the lyrics, the music and the story, I felt a thrill each time we did it, like I was in one of those old |Hollywood musicals.  Now we need some funding! So if Penguin or Bloomsbury publish The Birdskin Shoes, and if Salma Hayek buys the film rights......well I can dream can't I?