Birdskin birth

I'm getting close to the moment of submitting my manuscript for e-book formatting.  There is something slightly dodgy about being a self-publisher - a bit like Lonely Hearts columns used to feel before the internet.  Do you remember when the classifieds were considered the refuge of Cupid's failures - those who couldn't hack the real world of hard-core, face-to-face dating combat?  Even if you'd met George Clooney through a small ad you would never have admitted it, and any friends who knew would be sworn to secrecy.  I tried it once and only felt able to tell my hilarious tale once safely in a relationship - thus proving I wasn't a saddo. 
Now the whole world meets online and no-one thinks any less of them.  So I'm hoping that very soon I won't have to follow "I'm publishing an e-book," with "because..." and a garbled apology.  As anyone can self-publish - the smartmouths will say - then anyone will, and then who will separate the wit from the chav?   Those of us who didn't manage a deal will just yawn and remind you of Lionel Shriver's "We Need to Talk About Kevin" which was rejected by dozens of well-known publishers (before eventually being picked up by a small press who I believe paid her no advance and had no publicity budget) while her other six published books, made her no money at all! Still I wouldn't say no to a six figure deal and a promotional tour if anyone is offering.


  1. Only six figures Joan? Have you no ambition?!

  2. Its funny isnt it, in music its called taking over the production and people are admired for it. in book-world it looks like vanity... I'm struggling with my own prejudices on this one, having 'self published' something as a fund raiser, and made 400 profit for the cause, and never made that much from my 'publishing contract', I do find myself thinking what the hell, go for it... still ot sure though!