inside job

That is  the name of a documentary I've just watched although would also be a good name for a Steve Jobs biopic.  However it was a Storyville - on BBC about the financial crisis - terrifying in that all the guilty parties and institutions have not been punished and many of the individuals are now advising the US government on how to escape the crisis with  as few regulations imposed as they can get away with. The notion that bad people get their punishment and the good are rewarded is so persistent that I can still be shocked by the brazeness of these people. Both Pan's Labyrinth and Woody Allen's film Crimes and Misdemeanors (brilliant), affected me in the same way - leaving me hungry for justice which  of course is never served up.  I am still foolishly wedded to the idea that these people will get it in the end or that Karma will visit its own justice upon them.  I'm sure they are not happy - but then nor are those without a pension or with a home about to be repossessed and at least they have the comfort of silk pyjamas when sleep eludes them.

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