Never Knowingly

Just found out I've had a story- Never Knowingly- selected by Liar's League, Leeds for their Christmas theme 'Peace and Goodwill'.  Really pleased because last time I had one chosen for Liar's League London, I met Gary Albert Hughes, musician/Actor/composer and we ended up writing a musical together based on my story, The Kandy Kottage.  He is currently in Mother Goose at the Oxford Playhouse and due to appear on our TVs in January on E4 in a show called 'Playing it Straight.' The Liars League in case you don't know it, selects stories each month based on a theme, and chooses actors to perform them in a venue (currently The Albany in Portland Place in London) and Milo on Call Lane Leeds, 19th Dec.  Its very entertaining and worth every penny.

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