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 CAPTAIN COSTENTENUS   The Tattooed PrinceCaptain Constentus, claimed to have been tattooed against his will in Burma (almost certainly untrue although his tattoos are certainly Burmese in style) and was a great attraction in the Barnum and Bailey circus in 1870's, reputedly earning $1000 a week. I noticed in the summer the incredible amount of people who are heavily tattooed now, sporting everything from gorgeous Japanese style flowers and fishes to futuristic anime inspired creatures.  I'm sure he could have incorporated his nipples into the design in some more imaginative way. I've never had a tattoo but if I sell 1000 copies of my novel I must just do it.  Why am I so interested in tattoos - you'll have to read The Birdskin Shoes to find out. Found this image at www.thehumanmarvels.com.

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