It's an e- Book!

I've finally delivered, after a long labour.  Mother and offspring are doing nicely. It was a little late - but the first ones usually are. The formatting looks clear and the cover in colour looks splendid. I can't quite believe it and keep smiling to myself everytime I think about it. So many decisions to be made, pricing, method of payment, DRM (Digital Rights something) I did think it might never happen.  I hope you buy it, read it and love it and if you do let others know and please leave a comment here and on Amazon. If you hate it you'll have to ask Amazon for a refund.
I've had one written review:

"A wonderful tale about love and redemption set in a Mexican Circus. Joan Taylor-Rowan writes with great freshness and assurance, and her descriptions of the 'cirqueros' and circus life are pitch perfect. I LOVED this book; and it deserves every possible success." - (Katie Hickman, award-winning travel writer and best selling  author of A Trip to the Light Fantastic - Travels with a Mexican Circus, The Pindar Diamond, The Aviary Gate.)

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