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Teresa Villegas, artist, book illustrator and writer is responsible for the beautiful cover on The Birdskin Shoes.  I chose the image because of its Latin American feel and because the design of birds and banners was so glorious.  It took me a long time to find what I was looking for.  I'd seen one or two artworks that I liked but they lacked that extra something.  When I discovered these paintings I knew I had what I needed.  I drew up a contract with Teresa allowing me (for a one-off sum) to use the image for promotion purposes and the cover of the book, and her work is acknowledged in the book. Graphic designers then turned her image into a book cover.
 It turns out that Teresa Villegas and I both spent time in the same town in Mexico in the same year.  I love the idea that we may have passed each other on the street. Please look on her website to view more of her gorgeous work and www.amazon.com for her book, Loteria!

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